China   |   Hong Kong    |  UK

China   |   Hong Kong    |  UK

Pegasus is an integrated sourcing solutions provider based in
China, opening up easy and secure supply chains to a wide range of industries and products.

We offer a comprehensive package to our clients which includes supplier databases, sourcing services, project management,
quality assurance and logistics – our company mission is to give our customers peace of mind while we navigate the inherent supply
chain risks and cultural/language barriers associated with buying
products from China.

Headquartered in Guangzhou, in the heart of the manufacturing 
hub of Guangdong Province South China, Pegasus was established 
in 2005 to help facilitate procurement to the UK. Today 
the company has established a China-wide network of sourcing and 
quality assurance staff and we now supply a wide range of related 
products from all over China across Europe, North America, 
Australasia and Africa.

The company has gone on to become proud corporate members of 
both the British and American Chambers of Commerce in China,
helping us to expand our network across China and the World.
Being members of these international Chambers also helps to 
keep us informed on current business trends in China and an ever changing global trade landscape.

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