Supplier Audit &
Quality Assurance

Before integrating a new supplier into a client’s supply chain, Pegasus undergoes a rigorous and objective 
audit and assessment process to make sure that our clients can make informed and intelligent buying 
decisions. We use our 15 years’ experience to help us implement supplier audit programs to international 
standards and our own protocols, and if necessary, according to our clients’ in-house codes of conduct.

Our typical supplier audit will assess the following criteria:

Factory profile

Production capacities

Factory facilities, including condition of machinery
and equipment

Workflow and organization charts

Quality assurance systems in place

Once a new supplier is identified and chosen, 
additional audit modules can be included such as:

Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Procurement conditions

R&D / Sampling

Hygiene, health and safety

Environmental impact

RoHS standards

Other modules as required

A key process when assessing the suitability of potential suppliers is to analyse the Quality Assurance procedures that 
are in place, and if necessary, make improvements and changes to these processes according to client requirements. 
Pegasus offers the following services in relation to Quality Assurance:

Regulatory Research & Interpretation

European Hazard Assessments and Technical File

Review of Periodic Testing Programs

Documentation Review Services

Technical Training & Workshops

Product Standards & Specification Manuals

On-Site Line Reviews

Design Evaluations

Quick & Easy

Pegasus offers an innovative and cost-effective full product development service. This is achieved via a series
of steps that include the product concept, structure, material, manufacturing, and in some cases marketing
materials. While product development will vary a lot for different businesses and different products, these
projects generally follow the following process:


Feasibility Analysis

Design & Development

Prototyping & Sampling

Final Product Assessment

Improvements & Additional Sampling (if necessary)


Pegasus offers a wide range of logistics services to provide our clients with turnkey delivered freight
solutions, based on the individual requirements of each shipment. These services include:

FCL Ocean Freight

LCL Ocean Freight


European Hazard Assessments and Technical File

Customs Clearance

Due to the unpredictable nature of ocean freight shipping, factors such as the weather or general shipping 
congestion can cause unexpected delays. As a company we offer our clients regular updates for in-transit 
shipments, and for customers that have multiple shipments in transit we offer free weekly reports to show 
progress on all shipments in production and in transit.

Go Carbon Neutral

Pegasus believes in building supply chains that not only protect your
bottom line, but also protect the environment. The shipping industry is one
of the world’s largest sources of pollution, and for individual companies
their carbon footprint is an often-overlooked opportunity to make a huge
impact. Through our partners we can help our clients off-set their carbon
emissions by 100% to become Carbon Neutral. It’s an affordable, easy,
and high-impact way to meet sustainability goals alongside your business
goals. This helps our customers become eligible for globally accredited
distinctions, including the Carbonfree® Shipping designation.