Why Pegasus?

Pegasus strives to provide clients with invaluable market insights, a
high level of supply chain security, and most importantly honest and
transparent communication, while at the same time delivering price
savings. How is this possible? There are several key factors:

Economies of Scale

For many products in its related industries, Pegasus has over the course of many years built up a large network of trusted suppliers across China. This allows us to aggregate our spend across multiple customers for the same product category, and leverage preferential pricing from our suppliers, and in turn pass these savings onto our clients. Without these economies of scale, a stand-alone client is unlikely to be able to leverage suppliers in the same way.

Consequential Loss

While a low-price solution from a Chinese manufacturer may appear
to offer significant cost savings, it’s important to understand that the
Chinese manufacturing sector in its entirety covers all areas of the global
quality spectrum. From extremely low cost / low quality products (which
is preferred in certain markets), to OEM manufacturing for some of the
most reputable high-quality household brand names in the World. It
is important when purchasing goods from China to make sure that all
necessary due diligence has been carried out in advance so that our
clients can make informed buying decisions. Failure to do so can result in
the purchase of non-conforming products, which aside from the significant
direct financial losses incurred, can also result in immeasurable damage to
the company’s reputation.

Locally Based

Pegasus is headquartered in China and comprises a team of international
and local Chinese staff – this means that all of our sourcing operations
on the ground are locally managed and controlled. While having a global
outlook is of course important for us, it is also critical when sourcing from
China to have a high degree of local insight – and it is this local insight
that allows us to avoid a wide range of potential issues, such as cultural
differences or communication barriers.